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Lindell Brown - Head Pressman for over 20 years

PDF's are what we really want from you

PDF's whether for Color or Black and White should not have any printer, registration, or crop marks - just stuff you want to print. Color PDF's should be "Composite" not already separated. The secret to PDF's that will seperate correctly is in your distiller settings, click here for an overview.

Other files types accepted are

Adobe Indesign makes it very easy to "Package" your entire job. Select "File" "Package" - Fill in the form with as much info as you want - Click "Continue" - Pick your desktop as a place to put your new Package or folder, make sure you select "Copy Fonts" & "Copy Linked Graphics" - then select "Package" - Say OK to any font question - Zip the new Package on your desktop and send that to us. Our current version is CS2 (PC only).

Adobe PageMaker is still accepted but you must manually package all fonts and images used. Our current version is 7.0 (PC only).

Photoshop - JPG's, TIFF's, & EPS's (with fonts converted to outlines). For Color Correction Tips click here.

QuarkExpress makes it easy to "Collect for Output" creating a folder to zip and send to us. For Tips on this click here. Our current version is 5 for PC and 6 for Mac

CorelDraw files can be accepted. Our current version is 9.0 (PC only).

Technical Information

Resolution 150 Line Screen for all of your photos
0% Dot Gain on Press - Correct your photos appropriately


When in doubt - Give us a call (M-F 8am-4pm) 845-297-3723, and we will help you.


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